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We create experiences.

At NTSQ Sports Group, we specialize in creating elevated experiences in the sports industry. 

We're often asked what NTSQ stands for and the answer is Never The Status Quo. It's more than a bold statement - it's our promise to you. It's a commitment that whether we're organizing an event, creating digital content or providing a VIP touchpoint, we'll search for something that’s never been done before and not settle for what’s expected.

Learn more about our range of North American experiences below. 


Premium Cycling Retreats

Each NTSQ Velo retreat is tailor made to provide the best possible food, accommodation, riding, equipment and personal service. This is your opportunity to feel like a pro cyclist while riding the most picturesque routes North America has to offer. 

Indulge in one of our many prix fixe retreats or contact us and we can curate your perfect custom trip.  



The Players' Tribune for endurance sports. 

innervoice.life seeks to inspire and let you know that you can change your life using the power of sports. The athletes we feature use their internal dialogue to narrate their own story, illustrating the pain, the anxiety, the despair and the joy of being an athlete. 

In our first year we've featured the likes of: Tim Don, Helle Frederiksen, Linsey Corbin, Jesse Thomas, Kara Goucher, Trevor & Heather Wurtele, Patrik Nilsson, Liz Blatchford, Sarah Piampiano, Emma Pallant, Sofie Goos and many more. 


We have years of experience in the formulation, strategy, creation and execution of events of the highest caliber. Our current portfolio of events includes:

  • 2018 & 2019 Canadian Elite, Junior and Para Road Cycling Championships
  • 2017 Canadian Masters Road Cycling Championships
  • The Dirty Phil. Gravel Fondo
  • Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon
  • Bici Baker Epic
  • Dempsey Challenge VIP Experience


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We believe we create gamechanging experiences for sporting events, companies and athletes. If you're looking to elevate an experience for your customers, audience, sponsors, executives, fans or even your friends, get in touch with us first. What you'll get is never the status quo.