Can I transfer my registration to another rider?

Sorry, all registrations are final. If you have extenuating circumstances preventing you from competing; please send us an email at

How do I confirm I'm registered?

You can confirm your registration by searching your name, email or team on the My Registrations page or checking here

Can I get a refund after I register for the event?

No refunds are not available for any reason, medical or otherwise. However, we do recognize that unforeseen events may occur.

Can someone pick up my event package for me?

No - participants must visit the race headquarter locations and pick up their own packages. All riders will be asked for photo ID, presentation of your valid UCI license matching your registered category. 

What is the entry fee?

All fees are shown in Canadian Dollars and subject to taxes and processing fees. Below fees are subject to a $20.00 price increase at midnight on May 27.

Individual Time Trial - $55.00

Criterium - $50.00

Road Race - $70.00

Will onsite registration be available? 

No, registration for all categories will close on Thursday June 8 at Noon.

Can family members and/or friends check-in for me and pick-up my race package? 

You must check in and pick up your race package at the appointed package pickup times (event dependent) on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (check in will NOT be available on Sunday) within the posted times. This rule is in effect for a number of important reasons and exist to make your experience the best, safest and most stress-free it can be. We want to ensure the very best experience for you, not only on race day, but throughout the weekend’s activities. By posting the athlete check-in hours months in advance, we try to make sure that everyone has ample time to prepare for the activities of race week.  Please make your travel plans accordingly. 


What are the distances for each event?

Each discipline and race varies depending on category, please see below for distances. 

Individual Time Trial
All Categories
2 laps = 20.8km

Road Race
Men 30-39 12 laps 126km
Men 40-49 12 laps 126km
Men 50-59 10 laps 105km
Men 60+ 8 laps 84km
Female 30-39 & 40+ 8 laps 84km

Men 30-39 55 mins + 3 laps
Men 40-49 55 mins + 3 laps
Men 50-59 45 minutes + 3 laps
Men 60+ 45 minutes + 3 laps
Female 30-39 & 40+ 45 minutes + 3 laps

Where can I find a Map of the course?

Individual Time Trial course can be found here

Criterium course map can be found here

Road Race course map can be found here


What kind of bike can I use?

The rules governing the use of equipment aim to ensure both the safety of riders and the fairness of competition while at the same time making the most of the advantages that technological evolution can bring to cycling. All Equipment used must meet UCI standards which can be found here.

Are disc brakes allowed?

NO. All Equipment used must meet UCI standards which can be found here.

 Will there be mechanical support along the course?

Yes. Neutral support vehicles will be on course. No outside assistance is permitted during racing.

Is this event compatible for hand cycles? Can I bring communication or media devices on the course? 

No, Hand Cycles are not compatible to compete in the Global Relay National Masters Championships presented by Lexus. 

Can I bring communication or media devices on the course? 

Sorry, absolutely NO communication devices, MP3 players, speakers, or any other devices (Yes, that means NO cell phones). - Race radios are restricted to class 2 events



What category do I need to register for?

  • All competitors MUST enter their event class as shown on their license, riders with an elite license are not eligible.

  • The classes are defined as per UCI rules based the age displayed on the competitor's license - Please note: the age displayed on your membership card is your age as of December 31st 2017.

What age group/Category will I race in on race day?

  • All competitors MUST enter their event class as shown on their license, riders with an elite license are not eligible.

  • The classes are defined as per UCI rules based on year of birth.

Can youth riders ride in the event?

Unfortunately not, the Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championships p/b Lexus will host age categories for the ages listing 30 or older for 2017 issued UCI licenses.

What categories are offered?


30-39 (M-A)

40-49 (M-B)

50-59 (M-C)

60+ (M-D)


30-39 (M-E)

40+ (M-F)


Do I need to qualify, validate or complete another event to compete?

No, registration is open to all UCI reaching eligibility restrictions licensed riders.

Is this event open to non-Canadians?

To be able to participate and race in all categories, including UCI categories, you must be either a Canadian citizen (including dual citizenships), permanent resident, landed immigrants or an individual with refugee status. Proof of citizenship status or residence may be required (passport, permanent resident card, landed immigrant status or refugee status papers).

Can I win the Championship if I am not Canadian?

Only the participants eligible to race (see above) who have a CAN UCI code will have access to the Canadian champion title, Canadian championships podium positions and Canadian championships medals.                        

What license do I need to race? Can I race on a one day license? 

  • All athletes must be in possession of a valid UCI/CC International license.
  • Domestic licenses from Canada or other countries are not permitted
  • All participants must be licensed to compete in the appropriate discipline
  • All participants must be prepared to present their license upon demand at the event
  • No one day licenses will be sold

Can I race on a one day license?

Unfortunately as a National Championship event there will be no one day licenses available.

accommodation options

I am from out of town, where should I stay?

We are currently putting the finishing touches on partner hotel rates for our participants, supporters and attendees. The cycling community of Vancouver is excited to have you experience our city and welcome you into our homes. If you are interested in home stay options, please complete the home stay request form provided here.